Disney World: Innoventions


"Innoventions" in Florida's Disney World park is a fun, interactive, educational exhibition that teaches people about healthy habits, futuristic technology, and more. Disney came to Ignition to bring their aging site for the park into the future, and make it more like the park itself; fun and interactive.

This made my role as the animator a lot more involved because I couldn't just push out a video and call it a day. I had to build my animations with HTML, vector graphics, browsers, and more in mind. But even more challenging was learning to translate my After Effects keyframes into DIV's and hand-code by using a combination of HTML/Greensock JS library. With some guidance from our developer on the project, I was able to code 90% of the animation on the site, including interactive elements.

The result of our work is a fully animated website, while still being completely responsive and browser-based. See it for yourself at Disney Innoventions.

Design/Art Direction - Nick Boes and Alvin Groen
Development - Greg Batha and Chi-Chi Wang
After Effects/Coded Animation - Sanketh Yayathi

X:Men - The Bent Bullet

20th Century Fox

Our team at Ignition created a viral website experience for X-Men:Days of Future Past that highlights a conspiracy theory involving the infamous mutant "Magneto" and his possible role in the assassination of President JFK.

The evidence and story unfold through a series of slides with animated backgrounds, set in the 1960s. The team and I matte painted background images into a state that could be animated, and then used a slow Ken Burns effect to bring them to life.

Though the site was created on a tight timeline, it was very well received, and won awards and nominations from the FWA.com and Awwwards.com.

Design/Art Direction - Nick Boes, Chris Eyerman
Matte Painting/Animation - Sanketh Yayathi, Nick Boes, Brad Peters
Development - Chi Chi Wang, Greg Parks, Kendrick Caranicas, Stanley Hwang

Book Thief: Death Quotes

20th Century Fox

For "The Book Thief" film, we created short animations that were voiced by the narrator of the film, Death. These 15 second clips were designed to give users a taste of the film, and to be released exclusively via the film's Instagram profile.

My role was to animate the images from our illustrator, and pace it with the selected quotes from the film. My main challenge was to fit interesting, eerie transitions into the 15 second limit. For the animation above, I focused on using wavy, liquid, morphing techniques in After Effects. I also used Cinema 4D to create the 3D cloth tear from Death's cloak.

For the second animation, I focused more on camera movements to go from scene to scene, and bleeding write-on type effects.

Illustration - Ryan O'Nan
Animation - Sanketh Yayathi



This animation explains how the product "Brandle" functioned in a fun and understandable way for their potential clients.

I love doing character animation any chance I get, so I learned to use the DUIK script to rig inverse kinematics on these characters, and also learned new workflows for dealing with voice-overs and multiple scenes. This was a very fun project for me as it was full of interesting character motion, like angrily chasing butterflies or skipping away with balloons.

Check out the video above, or at Brandle.net .



While I animated much of the 2014 Arrested Development digital campaign, my favorite part was definitely InsertMeAnywhere.biz . Imagine that Tobias Funke, the failed doctor-turned-actor, is trying to make an acting pitch to James Cameron by filming himself doing ridiculous things in front of a green screen. At this site, that's exactly what's happening...but the best part is anyone can download pre-keyed footage, and "insert" Tobias into their videos.

My job was to create the "launch trailer" of sorts for the site, in the form of Tobias's acting reel. The team scoured stock footage sites until we we dropped him into a collection of random, weird, and hilarious situations to show off all of Tobias's personas. Then I color corrected, motion tracked, and added effects to each scene, until it was ready for Ron Howard to release the site via a tweet.

The reception to the trailer and site was great; It made headlines, won some awards, and plenty of viewers made their own videos as well. But as a huge Arrested fan, I couldn't help but take my work home with me for this project...so obviously, I put him into the Matrix.

But this is probably my life's greatest work: "In Da Club" - 50 Cent (ft. Dr. Funke)